Bahrain Police Launch Attack On Pearl Square

Asalaamu Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatahu,

The riot police of Bahrain have stormed the protests in the main square of the capital which is quickly becoming the Bahraini version of Tahrir Square. This attack on the square has so far caused the deaths of two Bahrain citizens and injured dozens more as the hundreds of Bahraini police armed with tear gas and heavy clubs.

Reported via Al-Jazeera Maryama Alkawaka of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights said that dozens were injured after the attack and were wheeled in. Also she stated, “people were attacked while they were sleeping, there was no warning….and when they ran, the police attacked them from the direction they fled to.”

This reaction from the police comes from their fear of this becoming exactly like Tahrir Square and the Egyptian revolution. We will keep people posted as usual and we ask that the believers make dua for our brothers and sisters insha’Allah ta’alaa, Ameen! Ya Ali!

‘Footage of the attack on Pearl Square on people sleeping and peacefully protesting’

‘Warning Graphic Images; Below are photos of two protesters killed from the attack’


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