A Brief Look At The Reality & Silence Surrounding Bahrain’s Revolution

Asalaamu Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatahu,

The struggle within Bahrain grows increasingly more violent every hour, far more so then the ‘revolution’ within Egypt. Dozens of Bahraini citizens from the ages 2-upward have been reported as killed, when well over a hundred confirmed severely injured. Live ammunition and tear gas, undoubtedly made in the grand Ol’USA, has been used on protesters during attacks on on-going demonstrations as well as those who slept in Pearl Square Tuesday night February 16. The Bakri religious scholars who serve the current regime have called for this violence as the so-called “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” launches a full scale invasion into the small country with 150 tanks and 100 personal carriers to assist the Bahrain royal family suppress the revolution.

Despite all of these obstacles, all of this bloodshed, despite everything that would make anyone of us here turn and run we see the people of Bahrain stand strong in opposition against the ‘royal family’ and their regime. However, while the peoples perseverance is enough to make any onlooker hopeful and inspired, a strong feeling of shame and guilt overcomes me as I observe from afar this dangerous situation brewing.  The shame comes my observation of the Ummah I am a part of.

When the suffering of the Palestinians was mentioned, an armada of aid ships and a caravan of supply trucks was launched in salvation for the Palestinians. When the Tunisians ousted their president within a matter of days, the world cried out in the spirit of revolution. When the Egyptians stood up for all or nothing against the 30 year reign of Mubarak, the world sat diligently at their televisions and online for the briefest piece of news reporting of their success and once they had it an international standing ovation came from the freedom loving world. Even now the world sits in shock and awe as the revived opposition from the 2009 elections in Iran tears through the streets of Iran calling for an end to the oppression of the regime. All of these are historical events, days to always be remembered, acts of courage that would feed the poor man’s thirst for revolution and change so that he may have the strength to rise up himself.  Yet where is Bahrain in this great history? Where is their suffering flooding the media gateways? Where is the outcry brothers and sisters, where is this brave “Ummah” united against oppression against all who inflict it?! The silence of the believers to the suffering of the Bahraini people casts a dark shadow over their struggle. They must fight against this suffering in the dark, a darkness caused by our shame.

We are being fed the propaganda that this is a sectarian war, religious fanatics against religious fanatics. Is this reality? Or perhaps this is a people, a majority of whom are Shia in a country who’s population is a Shia majority, being oppressed by the Bakri (i.e. Sunni) minority. Their demands are not for the blood of those who believe other then what they do, it is not for the destruction of Bakri (i.e. Sunni) “Mosques”, it is not for the eradication of all Bakri (i.e. Sunni) teachings in Bahrain. While these ideas are applied to Shia Muslims in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc. through actual literal legislation, the people of Bahrain do not call for such ideas in their vision of a new Bahrain. Rather their demands are the demands of anyone who would admit to loving freedom, liberty, justice, and equality. The right to elected officials over them, a government that works in favor of the people not in the favor of a monarch, and the right to be treated as a human being regardless of religion, class, or ethnic background.

We do not call for unity upon religious means with the Bakris (i.e. Sunnis), nor do we want them to be apart of our Ummah, but even though this may be the case it does not mean Shia and Bakris (i.e. Sunnis) along with every other group of people from every other walk of life can come together living under a single government treating the other as what they are….human beings. This is the outcry being heard from Bahrain, this is the outcry the media does not want to report, and this is the outcry we the believers are ignoring.

It is time to step up, speak out, and act now. We were there for Egypt, we were there for Tunisia, we must be there for Bahrain and any other nation that wishes to rid themselves of their oppressor.

In the words of the Imam Hussain ibn Ali (as), “Never be a tyrant, never live under a tyrant”.

– Abdullah Ali Jones

‘Footage of Bahraini Riot Police Attacking Protesters’


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